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Over the summer we caught up with Kelly Lundberg, an award-winning and celebrity stylist to update her business portraits and press images. With such warm and energetic personality, the shoot quickly became one of our favourites to date! With such status, we put together an interview for Kelly to share with us more of how she came to be a stylist and what other things that makes her busy these days. We also made sure we take home some expert advise on wardrobe selections for a photoshoot and dressing in general for business. 

ES: As an entrepreneur, what is the style of imagery you have in mind when you came to Enchante Studios? Did you achieve what you are looking for? 

KL: I was looking for a company that could represent my vision; unpretentious, clean and vibrant; all of these boxes were ticked beautifully.

ES: What mediums have you used your images so far?

KL: Wow, there are so many avenues to explore in addition the abundant social media channels.  One image in particular that stands out currently features on the front cover of the Connector magazine.  I have my podcast album cover on iTunes and in the pipeline is the front cover page for my book ‘How To Be A Personal Stylist’ which is just being updated. 

(Awwwww, we love seeing our images being put to use everywhere!)

ES: Being an award wining and expert stylist in the region, and having been on several photo-shoots yourself, what would you advice are the styles, pattern, color, etc that looks amazing in a photo-shoot? 

KL: Be prepared, take a few more options than you know you will need to a photo shoot, you never know as the shoot evolves the direction might change.   I always take a brightly patterned dress as a focus point, my first ever photo shoot saw me wearing a little DVF number. On my most recent photo-shoot I opted for a range of clothing from Milly.  It’s equally important to have a simple non-printed option as well as taking a crisp white shirt or top to team with a pair of casual jeans.  Don’t forgot, you also need to bear in mind our local culture, give special thought to whom your photo shoot is aimed at and where it will feature.

ES:  How important is it that you plan your wardrobes for a business photo-shoot? 

KL: Planning …..  it’s an essential component to a successful and professional photo shoot. From experience I have learned never to wear anything again once its been worn in a photo shoot for press and business portraits.  Images will be used again and again so make sure it’s an outfit you love and you feel amazing wearing, that way you are guaranteed to walk out with images that ‘you love to look at’.

ES:  What outfits do you recommend to bring on a business portrait shoot. Do you think having casual outfits are now acceptable in business portraits as well?

KL: The working wardrobe for businesswomen has changed enormously, long gone are the power suits and formal photo shoots.  It’s great to see personality appear in business photo shoots.  Aim to have 3 different looks, which means you will need to take to a photo shoot at least 5 different style options (just in case you have a change of mind).   Take a statement dress, simple non- fussy dress or trouser option and a casual look.  Depending on your work environment, think about the message you want to send, for example if you an entrepreneur wear something that relates to who you are and what you do, pictures tell a 1000 words.

ES:  Lastly, you have an upcoming styling workshop - tell us more about it and who will benefit with this course?

I am super excited to announce that on the 19-21st October I will be hosting the first 7-Step Styling Formula ‘3 Day’ intensive course here in Dubai.   For more than a decade, I have passionately shopped and styled clients.  With over 15,000 shopping hours, purchasing well over 5,000 pairs of shoes (not all my own) I have learned not only what it takes to make clients look and feel great but also what is required to run a lucrative and profitable business. I want to be able to offer more though, give aspiring stylists and like minded entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore the exciting world of fashion and styling, to demonstrate to them through my experiences and achievements that Personal Styling is a highly successful business and one, which you can shape in any way, you, choose.  From building a brand, to balancing the books, networking to negotiating deals and developing new revenue streams all of which has been instrumental to my personal and professional growth.   

More details can be found  Cost $1495

And that's a wrap! What an amazing woman and entrepreneur! Do check out Kelly Lundberg's website and social media - Facebook and Instagram!

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Shyrell Tamayo - Enchanté Studios  |  HAIR & MAKE-UP: Natasha Zaki | CLIENT: Kelly Lundberg | Style Me Divine