True Pilates Dubai

Dubai is a small place when it comes to women entrepreneurs networking! I was invited by the all-time fashionable Kelly Lundberg to one of her chill evening cocktail nights a few months ago along with many of her friends within the industry. And I was introduced to a lovely lady whose stance and finesse in her movement has such grace and strength. In my mind - ooohhh this woman would photographed so beautifully in one of my portrait couture sessions!

Then I come to know Deborah teaches pilates in Dubai and own the True Pilates, formerly known as Traditional Pilates Dubai and that's how I understand why she have such fluid movements and stance.

Unlike other pilates studio, Deborah teaches the traditional and true Pilates following Romanas method. Romana Kryzanowska, is the world renown protégé of the Joseph and Clara Pilates - the founder of the teachings of Pilates. Over the years, Pilates exercise have become so mainstream that many people do not really understand how this exercise is suppose to be taught and the equipments and techniques that comes with it. Deborah's mission in her Pilates studio is to stay true to this over 80-year old teachings and techniques by Joe Pilates. 

So back to our session with Debs (as her friends call her), I was right! She was such a pleasure to have at the studio. Not only that she can pose well, but also that she's an amazing person to be around with. She knows what she wants and has that go-getter attitude that will re-assure you that with the right mind setting you can achieve a lot of things. This applies true to what she teach. Essentially Deborah teaches a movement system that uses focused exercises to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration.

Meet Deborah of True Pilates Dubai.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Shyrell Tamayo - Enchanté Studios  |  HAIR & MAKE-UP: Diana Mauer   | CLIENT: Deborah | True Pilates Dubai