Kira came to us for professional headshots to use of her brand new website. Kira is a yoga teacher, motivational speaker and writer and host of upcoming Kira in the Middle v-log. Her ideas for the shoot sounded really fun and exciting at her mentioning she wants to bring her sets of teacups! Who doesn't love tea right?

We have always set our style of shooting differently and with corporate head shots, we've always opted for non-stuffy head and shoulder shots. We like to show personality your clients can relate to. And we like to make people want to do business with you when they see your head shots. Kira's mood board matched exactly our vision. 

We easily warmed up to Kira's sweet personality both on and off our camera. We can't wait for to be up and running where she shares incredible tips and insights on happiness, life and living it good! Kira offer free resources, videos and online courses. She also offer one on one coaching and mentoring services. There is something for everyone!

If you haven't already seen her Instagram (@kirajeandxb) or Facebook page, have a little looksie, check out her social media(s) to get some daily dose of goodness!

P.S. This gal has quite a lot under her sleeves. I got some first hand info on another exciting project we will work with. If I am lucky, I might just have my very first book cover shoot for 'Soul in the City' launching later this year. Eeeeeekkk, exciting times!

And yep, you heard it here first! 


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