We love it here at the studio when our clients talk about us and their photo session experience not only within their friends and family circle but also within the community. It is a testament that we are doing our jobs right :)

Today's post is for Johanna who found us through a local expat community forum. She got in touch with us for a pre-birthday portrait celebration. I was very excited as this is what portrait couture sessions is about - celebrating oneself, revelling on what you have and what you are now and having images to remember it by. 

Johanna's shoot actually gives me an idea of doing it myself too. Celebrate once a year with a pampering shoot to document the years to come. I look forward to opening up my very own "through the years" portraits when I get old :)

See a few images we can share with you from Johanna's shoot. 

On my next post, I will share with you a little bit more about Johanna and her knack at organising holiday and travel plans. As we found out during the shoot - she organise a lot of outbound holiday packages. That we take a few more photos for her that she can use of her business :)

See you at the next post.


the portrait couturier (shyrell)