Every bride has a special affair with her wedding dress. Some of us probably have already been obsessing through stacks and stacks of online bridal catalogues or pages of glossy bridal magazines even before we accept THE ring. Once we found the perfect dress, the laborious work of fitting and going back and forth making sure we'll look perfectly stunning on our wedding day adds to why wedding dresses may just be the only dress that will have a special place in a woman's heart! So we totally understand why many brides will want to have another go at posing and prancing around in their wedding dress just one more time! 

And so, there we go - the BRIDAL PORTRAIT COUTURE is born as a part of our services for women's portraiture. 

While sometimes the reason maybe less than pleasant, such as if the wedding day didn't go according to schedule causing your photographer to cut short on your formal portraits, or you may just simply made the wrong choice for photographers (sshhh, we heard that a lot), we hope that it is the 'love of the dress' why you would come to us. We can't bear the thought of un-happy bride with her wedding portraits. That'd be sad :(

Nothing can replace that one day where you and your only are joined as one. So wether you are looking for better bridal portraits this time or just want to re-live the feeling of princess in her beautiful white gown, we will be at the ready with our cameras!

So we thought we'd show you what a bridal portrait couture is like here at Enchanté Studios.

We found the perfect person to be our poster girl, meet Debra. Debra got married in December and had a lovely day so the model call we put up sounds a perfect excuse to have another dress up day in her gorgeous gown. On the day of the shoot, Debra was sat in for a bridal hair and make-up not just once but twice more! (thanks to our awesome hair and make-up extraordinaire - Diana Mauer). See more of Diana's work on her website or what she's up to on her Instagram. Debra came with her good friend and actual bridesmaid on her wedding day and it was lovely to watch the bridesmaid duties unfold as we get to see the essence of their friendship as well. We have fresh flower bouquets, fresh petal confetti's, and even played some of Debra's wedding songs - made our 'bride-once-more' just teared up a little, haha!

Here are some of the images from our shoot with the lovely Debra.

Thank you so much Debra for stepping in this shoot. It was lovely having you at the studio!

If you ever find the need for this service, we are a call away at 04.243.7766 or on whatsapp at 050.876.0155!


the portrait couturier team (shyrell & steph)