Hello Hello beautiful chickas!

Two weeks ago, we photographed Deepika - a beautiful mom, wife and bestfriend to Shyamala. Shyamala described Deepika as someone who would go lengths for her and that she would like to gift Deepika a special gift for her birthday. She thought our portrait couture experience would be a nice gift to give. Shyamala genuinely thought Deepika photographs well - and true to Shyamala's words - Deepika truly is stunning!

Deepika, a working mother, devoted wife and all round lovely person, like most doesn't always have the time to dress up and pamper herself as she should, so this was the opportunity for her to flourish and oh did she. As soon as the hair and make-up was finished, the confidence shined. The beautiful big eyes, the curves and the confidence in her face, all of this makes her such a pleasure to photograph. Here are some of the images from Deepika's session with us.

We asked Deepika a few questions to round up and share with our readers her experience. Here's what she has to say:

1. How did you come to having a shoot with us, here at Enchanté?

My best friend was looking for a birthday gift for me and she wanted to get something unique.This thought along with her opinion that I photographed well, led her to your offering as she was browsing online.So she brought me along to your studio one day without telling me what to expect. I met your team, fell in love with the idea of a portrait couture and you know the rest...there I was for the shoot.

2. What were your thoughts and feelings before coming for your shoot?

While I loved the idea of a portrait couture, I was very apprehensive about the actual shoot. I am a very average looking lady and always thought such photoshoots were for the slim and beautiful ladies. My husband told me to go have fun and that the worst that could happen was I wouldn't get great photos of myself.

3. How did the shoot make you feel?

After my hair and makeup was done I was feeling very pretty but not very confident. Once Shyrell got me posing, after the initial few shots I felt like a diva. I looked great, was extremely confident and loved being treated like a celebrity!

4. How was your experience at Enchanté?

It was mind blowing. The makeup and hair by Diana was very nice. much to say about her. She made me feel so comfortable with posing, she had lovely ideas for each of my outfits and she is a perfectionist.

5. Would you recommend this experience to others as well?

Most definitely will. I am definitely going to come back for a family shoot as well as for a headshot for my husband.

6. Finally do you have anything you want to express after your shoot?

It was a fantabulous experience. Special thanks to Shyrell - You are an awesome photographer!

Thank you so much Deepika and Shyamala for coming over to this shoot. We truly enjoyed the session with you and see the beautiful friendship that you have. And oh...WE OWE YOU SOME COOKIES! Lol!

I hope you enjoy today's post - when you are thinking of gifting a friend or a love one an experience of a lifetime, we recommend you to look at the one of our portrait couture shoots. 


Shyrell (the portrait couturier)