Business Matters and Making Time

Today’s post is a bit personal and something really honest and close to my heart. I have been wanting to write this for some time now, but I simply can’t find the time. This month with summer and Ramadan around, I finally have some time to breath and catch up with our blog, so YAY! 

When I opened the studio back in January of this year, I knew I am going to have a blast with this new milestone in my career as a photographer, it’s been really amazing so far and I really enjoyed working with each and everyone of our client. 

The trust we get from our client really drives me to be better at what I do and at the same time push the studio as a whole to be able to make our clients experience with us worth their while. 

I want to do lots of things, I want to keep redecorating and adding things to the the studio, move things around to make our happy place, I want to make the perfect branding and packaging (and if you have been following me since the start of my career, you probably know how many times I have changed my logo by now) and most of all I want to be able to photograph everyone.. and I mean everyone I meet! (That last sentence gave it away, one would say she LOST it, haha). In all seriousness aside, I really wish I can do that :)

It would also be nice if we can stay on top of our blogging, our accounts, our marketing, our website, networking whilst have the time for personal stuff such as getting fit, taking more workshops, a bit of ‘me’ time, meeting more amazing people and of course enjoy time with the family. But there’s one major block, there’s only 24 HOURS in a day!!! Often in the last few months, I try to keep up with these never ending work that I stay up up in the wee hours of the morning sometimes without sleep. As much as I love doing what I do, I am slowly burning out. I couldn’t catch up. I am slowly loosing connection with my social circle from previous work (I’ve only seen very few of them in the last six months and almost all of my friendship is done over FB), my daughter has been complaining how little time I have for her and even the puppy craves for a little more attention. Not all that, but the never ending chasing of work is hurt more by the fact that as a studio is not making enough despite the volume of work we have taken into. Simply, my love for the craft has taken over another important business aspect - making business or money. 

And then comes July. The searing hot summer July. All of a sudden, everything slows down in Dubai. Phew! No traffic, work are just a little bit longer than half a day, no early morning school run, expats flew out which for us means less work (less money). All of a sudden I found time, no money but TIME. It is now that I really understand the saying “TIME IS GOLD”. Aaahh how good is it to just wake up a little bit later in the morning. Have a hearty breakfast before a warm shower. I brought my computer home and started working 2-3 hours from home. Then head out to the beach in the afternoon to swim, walk the shore, collect some sea shells and then build sandcastle with it with the family. There’s beauty all around and my head is much clearer. I work faster when I’m on the computer and never been satisfied with what I finished with the little time I work. 

And then I realise, LIFE should be doing what you love…and in moderation. Otherwise it’s not LIFE it’s WORK. And there’s a reason why I left WORK - I want more of this LIFE. LIFE for me right now is my family and this craft and I have gotta make it work. (ooops that last word makes me cringe a bit ;))

August should see us picking up new work. Not as much as the previous months but enough to gear us back into the busier months. August also sees our 2nd year license. But this time, I think I am wiser, I have got to be wiser or else the studio will not see a second year in operation. Contrary to many people’s belief, photography is NEVER just clicking a button. It is an art that requires passion and dedication. And when you turn it into business, it is a whole different ballgame and should never be taken lightly just like as other business should be.

As the busy season approach, you will see a few changes around for the better of the studio and services we offer to our clients. The main one would be the direction of the overall aesthetic of our images, in line with being a natural light boutique studio. 

We will offer simpler and a more straightforward tangible product offerings, and most importantly making more quality TIME with both work and personal life. 

So how about you? Are any of you like me caught up with work? Well I really hope you are doing much better off. I would love to hear from you on the comment section below :) 

PS. The images included on this blog are part of a series shot as inspired by the many days we spent at the beach this summer! I'll have another blog coming up soon to share the new style of images we hope to bring to you. 

Cheers to LIFE!

your portrait couturier (shyrell)