Nicola Beer


Some few months back we worked with Nicola while she was updating her portraits for her coaching business. Within a short period we worked with Nicola, we have known her to be an incredibly kind and caring person. And we knew she would do really well with coaching people.

We we're delighted to hear back from Nicola to share that she is shifting her focus to the one area where her clients get the most life changing results, Grief and Loss Recovery. In making this change she is pursuing her true passion in coaching practice, where she help her clients restore peace, regain happiness and create a fulfilling future.

Nicola shares, "After Divorce, Death and other major emotional losses most people often feel alone, drained and unprepared to deal with the roller-coaster of emotions they experience. A problem for many people is that even though grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, the vast majority of what we learn in society about dealing with loss is not normal, natural and not helpful. For example ‘be strong’, ‘keep busy’  or ‘time heals’ can lead the person to stay in pain much longer than necessary; many months or even years. In modern times when bad things happen we are just expected to accept that its god’s will and ‘get on with it’ and ‘act recovered’ which sadly leads grievers to more isolation and loneliness. They people don’t need therapy but gain great benefit from an action program to support them to move beyond the loss."

Nicola Beer is a UK certified master life coach and loss recovery specialist who supports people and families who are going through or have been through a significant loss.

Nicola helps people to

  • Restore peace of mind, balance and energy  
  • Regain happiness and create a fulfilling future   
  • Reduce stress by dealing with any unfinished business (emotional, family, finances, legal)

If you know of anyone who may need support in dealing with loss, feel free to pass on Nicola's details. A visit to Nicola's website gives you a free e-book “The Grief Recovery Method ® Guide for Loss - 61 tips on the experience of Grief and how to help yourself or other people through it”

Her contact information are below.
Mobile +971 567946841