What is Intimate Portrait?

So we picked it up from the ladies who call and come to us that Enchanté Studios is building quite a reputation as the go-to studio for intimate portraits for women! (Eeeekkkkk, this makes our hearts sing!!!)  Many have expressed interest with our Intimate Portrait session. Now you may ask what it is, and if this photography might be for you.

Read along to these FAQ's if you would like to find out more.

What exactly is an INTIMATE PORTRAIT? Is it similar to boudoir photography? 

In some way, I would say it is, but not quite so. The aim of our intimate portraits is to making women feel beautiful at some very special times in their lives like weddings, birthdays or just celebrating after achieving something great. It is about reconnecting with your femininity and being comfortable in your own skin, enough to be confident to grace it in front of a camera. That alone is a liberating experience! But what sets our intimate portrait apart is we only create tasteful feminine images, nothing too overly risqué as we always say it.

Is this for you? It totally depends on you. But as many other boudoir photographers and women who has done a boudoir or intimate portraits so eloquently said, "It is the perfect intimate gift to give and to receive!"

What is your style in photographing intimate portraits?

I am a natural light photographer and tend to shoot airy, soft and light images but I am no stranger to darker mood images too. Our client usually come to us because they can resonate with the style of images they see on our website and social media. All our shoots starts with a consultation where we talk about the aim of the shoot, the style they want for their images and the overall direction of the images. Wardrobes and make-up has a lot to say with the way I will shoot and process a particular session. A consultation helps decide if I am the right photographer for your requirement. 

Who should do intimate or boudoir portraits?

I would say 21 and older, women and of course interested with a beautiful and intimate portraits of themselves. After that, it is for anyone of all shapes, age, look and colour. Boudoir or intimate  images are not always just a gift to your partners, it can be a good gift to yourself as well. You are only at a certain time in your life, once it's gone it is not coming back. So go ahead and enjoy today. The best way is to remember 'you' is through photographs. So wether you are going for modest intimates or an all-out-glammed up boudoir, the choice is yours!

What wardrobes do I need to bring?

Wardrobes help create the mood and direction of the shoot. If you are looking for bright, airy, soft and dreamy images, then bring lots of laces, see-throughs, pastels, light coloured outfits. If you are going for a fine-art, moody, darker tone images, you may bring edgier outfits. Often, less is more when it comes to boudoir/intimate sessions. This will be discussed in more detail on your consult and we will help you find the perfect selections for your shoot. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the outfits you plan to bring. Once you have decided on the outfits, make sure they are neat and well pressed before you pack them nicely in your bag. 

We want to make sure your session with us is hassle-free and enjoyable, and that is why we started collecting (and sometimes) making items that we think look great in a shoot. 

The tulle dress above is hand-made with love at the studio :)

The tulle dress above is hand-made with love at the studio :)

laces, tulles, pastels & blush, chiffons, and other soft fabrics are great for 'lumiere' style shoots

laces, tulles, pastels & blush, chiffons, and other soft fabrics are great for 'lumiere' style shoots

How do I prepare for the shoot?

The success of your shoot largely depend on how well you prepare yourself for it

  • A good night sleep is the best you can do before your shoot. A tired eyes will always show in the camera and can only be worsen by make-up.
  • Arrive to the shoot with a fresh face and a washed hair for an easier make-up and styling.
  • Make sure you have packed your wardrobes neatly at least two days before the shoot. Bring only perfectly fitted clothes. It makes for difficult posing and movements when your clothes are too tight.
  • Have some stretching exercise a week before the shoot. It helps soothe muscles and to get the ready for the shoot. A carefully posed image works magic for a flattering image without the need of photoshop, trust me on that! But let me tell you that posing is no easy task ;).
  • Root retouching, waxing, threading, facial if you would like to do it should be scheduled at least 3 days before shoot. I advise my clients not to do anything drastic before the shoot. Don't change hair colour or have haircut close to the shoot, should you really want a different look for the shoot, allow 2-3 weeks gap to your session. 
  • Most of all, come committed! Committed to have fun, to give yourself some self love!

What products do I get from the shoot?

Our boudoir or intimate sessions are booked and shot for a special reason(s) or person. So we would not give it justice to just give you digitals from your session. Thus we found two perfect products in our suite we are really proud! They are perfectly match to our brand, style and ethos about tangible products. Our photo books and signature prints are available for viewing on your consult at the studio so you can see, touch and feel which one is the perfect print product that you will be happy and proud to give (or to receive). 


If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@enchantelifestyles.com or get in touch at 04.423.7766



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