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Here at Enchanté Studios, Sundays are extension of the weekend!

It means some more 'me' time and self pampering - away from crazy deadlines or morning traffic... It's being one with yourself and just enjoying the day! Bring your favourite read, bring the things that makes you happy be it your furry friend or your music. Dress up in your 'comfy-iest' clothes - it's not just a photoshoot, it is reconnect with your femininity, to relax and recharge for the week ahead, a little girly pampering can do you so much :)

If you are following us for sometime now then, you would probably heard of how much we love our amazing friend and make-up artist, Diana Mauer. I have always been fascinated with her natural and effortless beauty and I knew she would be amazing in front of the camera as she is behind the scene. This girls just exudes elegance, grace and talent at the same time!

This session is exactly what an intimate portrait is at its modest form. Just a little bit of skin and a whole lot of femininity. Going for an intimate or boudoir shoot does not have to be necessarily be vulgar (infact, if we can help it, vulgar will never see light in our studio). We promote self love and self respect of women to a whole new level here at Enchanté Studios. 

So if you are thinking of an intimate portraits for yourself for a while now but not too sure you want to be show too much - then know that there's always a modest option for you!

Feel free to get in touch and we can design and plan the perfect session for you :)


your portrait couturiér (shyrell)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Shyrell Tamayo - Enchanté Studios  |  HAIR & MAKE-UP: Diana Mauer