creativebox: social media and press contents

In the last couple of years the rise of social media as go-to platform for marketing by companies has sky rocketed and the use of professional images has never been more important. Our team have been helping many companies achieve consistent brand-focused professional images for their sales and marketing contents.

One of the recent ones we worked with is with Creative Box, a bespoke stationery design agency in Dubai.

While Creative Box works with mostly wedding stationeries, they also commission designs just for any other events both on a private and corporate levels. Ritu of Creative Box understand that couples who are getting married have a million things to do before their wedding and the liberty to see her designs without having to see them in person is very important. Ritu would like to show the stunning finishes she offers to clients in her website galleries as well as on her social media. 

Below are examples of Creative Box's finished designs showing depth of the gold and silver foilings, embossing, and other special finishes she meticulously work with her clients and printers. Below are product shots and styling we help Creative Box with. 

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