Saeed ♥ Yasmin


Another amazing couple we got to work with recently are the lovely Yasmin and Saeed who were introduced to us through Instagram, (shout-out thanks to Dana of The Purple Chair!). When Yasmin shared with us her idea of props and wardrobe selections for their 'Save-the-Date' portraits, we  have very few places in  mind we wanted to do their session. With such stunning backdrop comes a price, an early two-hour drive out of Dubai and some fence crossing antic is on call. But these two are such good sports and are happy to cross fences and stand on edge of cliffs for us ;) (oh yes we made sure everyone's safe)

This is not the first time we have been to this location, but everytime is just the same excitement! Depending on what time or season you go there, the lake changes it's colours which then would dictate the colour toning I would do to an image. This time, I went completely rad with my toning and pleasantly inlove with it. Click on the image for full images.

I'm very happy to have worked with Yasmin and Saeed and wish you two a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I am sure it will be a very pretty day just as the two of you are!

Much love,