Mark ♥ Skye


Growing up in the countryside, nothing makes me happy than shooting with greens and outdoors. So when Skye emailed wanting to have their sessions to include greenery and the parks to their engagement session, I knew I'll enjoy the shoot :) But lo and behold, came to the shoot with a picnic basket in hand are one of the cutest couples we worked with!  Add them to the beautiful greens of Dubai - naturally I was one happy photographer!

The shoot was done towards the end of March and although it was a gorgeous morning, it quickly heat up to our liking. Never a problem, we can still shoot at the studio :) Double fun that we got do both!

Here are some images from our session with Sky and Mark! Heart still melts when I look back at these images.

Wishing you both the best of marriage and a very happy wedding!

Check out the rest of the studio session here :)