If you are following us on Instagram, we share a couple of these sneak peeks there and you can just tell how much I love these set of my most recent shoot with B! I met Bryony when I was first starting as a photographer and I had the opportunity to shoot for her model portfolio. We have connected on a few more projects since. She has recommended me to friends and I to her whenever I'm asked of a model reference. 

We got together very recently before Bryony moved to London for University. We chose to keep basic white t's on this shoot and just really highlight B's natural beauty. Or if you know mw by now already, you know that I am obsessed with white, like a lot! Haha! Here are the newest shoot we did together and I'm very happy of what we have become over the years :)

Look out for another editorial shoot we team up with on another post.

Good luck and have the best of everything B! 


Your portrait couturier {Shyrell}

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