Excited to be sharing with you part of a session I did with my fellow photographer Maria. I work with M second shooting for weddings and for a long time I knew I need to photograph her as not only that she is obviously drop-dead gorgeous but M is also one hell of a cool chick! We share many photography tricks, vendors and what program we use, photoshop and editing tricks that a road-trip to shoots often become a long interesting conversation about our work as  photographers. M shared with me one time that she attended few photography workshops and that she would sit as model and at the same time so she can learn from the workshops. So when she showed me the photos from those workshops, I have no doubt she would look absolutely stunning in any shoot.

Maria recently started a healthy lifestyle, re-discovering love for yoga, gym and healthy eating. So we included that in her session as well as did a little bit of editorial.

Here's part one of our session, and I will share part two soon!


Your portrait couturier (Shyrell)