One of the best things living abroad is you never know who you will meet next and what that person will be to you. What is more amazing is meeting people who you can talk to all day about things that you both love! That is Rasha to me. From chic furnishings to vintage finds, beautiful wedding details, flowers and our obsession to beautiful photography, we can turn to little giggly girls from serious entrepreneurs in an instant when we talk about these things. So you can imagine just how much I share with her my love for photography, luckily Rasha never get tired of listening!

Last week I had an awesome bridal boudoir shoot with another gorgeous client that I cannot unfortunately share about as much as I would love to. I brought a whole loads of flowers and fill the studio with pretty rose blooms! After the shoot, I kept all vases at the studio full but I still have so many left I just cannot throw them away. I need to make use of these flowers for another shoot and I can only think of calling Rasha! What a trooper this gal to have agreed to shoot for a 5am beach shoot. 

No specific location in mind, we drove and found a surprisingly perfect spot. Having shot at the studio all summer, boy I am thrilled to be shooting outdoors again! Sometimes unplanned shoot can turn out to be one of the best shoots - no expectations, just going with our hearts and see what we got, of course shooting a total sport does help a lot. In this case, Rasha didn't hesitate jumping from one boulder to the other to get the shots! Thank you for being so awesome Rasha! 

Here are some of my favourites from our impromptu beach shoot :)


Until next time,

your portrait couturier {Shyrell}