Hello my lovelies! Today I will be sharing up a session we did a little earlier this summer. 

We met Nina through a collaboration project we did sometime back with Tjasa in her own World over on her Instagram. We were privileged to have done this shoot for Nina before she move back to her home country, the beautiful Slovenia. 

We thoroughly enjoyed knowing with this amazing woman, beautiful inside and out - we love Nina's zest for life and travel. This session is in the beginning of the summer and for us who have been in Dubai for a while you'd understand why we don't want it to start so soon! So what better way do this session than to pretend it is still a nice cozy spring morning outside ;)

During the session, we also found out Nina is expecting and will be a mommy soon! So of course we tried to squeeze in a few early maternity shoot as well towards the end of the session.

Nina worked for Emirates and yes how can we not include their statement 'red lips' look!

I specially love when my clients let their guard down in between posing, I caught this one while we are chatting and is not on our session mode. 

I love that special mommy-to-be glow on Nina and can't wait to meet Nina's little bundle of joy soon :) 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Shyrell | Enchanté Studios | HAIR & MAKE-UP: Diana Mauer | ASSIST: Jet Enerio