As a boudoir photographer, we see day in day out regular women for their boudoir session. It's uncommon for us to be photographing professional models at the studio but when we do - we pick their brain on posing, body language and great expression we can share with our clients! Almost every single client who came in for a session with us will tell me after the shoot just how much they found new respect for models who do photoshoot for a living. They will tell you it's not as easy as it look to be naturally pretty for the camera. 

While for many models it maybe easy to pull out a pose - what many don't tell us is that modeling is actually hard work! Maintaining one's figure, knowing which angle and pose works best, letting out a natural laugh without looking oddly uncomfortable, and the painstaking diet some have to endure to attain a certain weight for certain jobs are just some of the common models will complain about the job. 

Tjasa shared with us that at one point in her modeling career she has to live on only apples on some days preparing for jobs. Luckily for Tjasa when she moved to Dubai, the practice here was much better. 

We asked Tjasa what she can share on how to create compelling images with your photographer for your photosession, here's a little nugget of pro modeling tip she shared with us, your welcome!

"Being a model, looking good for the camera is something we learn and practice as part of the job. My suggestion would be the same, before a photoshoot, you can practice in front of the mirror to see what angle and pose works best for you. A good photo is one that has a good eye contact not only to the camera but to your viewer as well. But most of all, be in the moment and enjoy your photoshoot and your photos will come out beautifully!" - Tjasa

Thank you Tjasa!

This photo session is part of an editorial and lookbook shoot we did for Apex Lingerie. To see more of the other pieces they send us to shoot, here are some from the lookbook test:

Creative Direction & Photography: Shyrell | Enchanté Studios

Model: Tjasa Oslak

MUA: Amanda Kay Make-up

See you next time right her on the blog! Cheers!

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