How is everyone this beautiful Dubai summer? Whether you are away spending quality time on holidays or staying put in Dubai - we hope you are having the best time!

It has been a crazy busy spring for us and that is why we have been a little bit quiet on the blog. Today I will be sharing with you a personal shoot and a news. At the time of this writing, I am 25weeks on my pregnancy and couldn't be happier! My first baby is now turning 10 years old and although it feels like this second one is a new pregnancy for me again, there are things that I am more ready and excited about! Such is to document this pregnancy journey. I shy away from the camera with my first maternity - as with many moms I feel extra heavy and didn't feel like myself so I didn't bother with having a maternity session done or any other photos of myself during that time. I feel terrible now not having done that - coz you know there is a little girl asking how she looked like when she was still in mummy's tummy :( You see, having photos of yourself is not really just for you - it's for the people you love too.

Being a boudoir photographer - it would be unfair to my clients or myself not to have a few intimate ones of me in this photography style! (Wouldn't want to miss out on the fun ;)) My clients know just how much I passionate I am about photographing women in this genre as I truly believe there is beauty in everyone of us no matter what age, status and body we are in. And although I look and feel heavy at the moment - I am embracing this shoot whole-heartedly!

It is a very different feeling to be seated in the hair and make-up chair at the studio this time around and to be front of the camera - directed and posed by my amazing team Jet and Andi. It's also quite exciting looking for wardrobes I wanted for the shoot. Let me share you a little tip - you don't have to splurge on wardrobes for your session - I found my lace dress in Dragon Mart (shhhhh) for a steal of AED75, can you believe it! Just as soon as I see it - I knew they'll be perfect for this one-time session :) SCORE!!! I also opt for more vintage lingerie, also at a steal price.

I chose to do my session earlier on at 24 weeks than the usual maternity recommended timeline of between 30 to 36 weeks. I just feel I can move much more freely and won't have to stress my baby inside with the session :) 

Here are the images from my very own session. I also squeeze in a few with my husband and daughter towards the end of the shoot. We will definitely have a family lifestyle shoot again sometime soon with our two other fur babies at home included too!

For now, here are the set from my intimate maternity session!

My personal favourite out of the session is down below - with my family! 

Photography: Jet | Andi of Enchanté Studios | Hair and make-up: Blow-out & Go