Fine Art Albums and Prints


Enchanté Fine Art Albums and Prints

This week feels like Christmas at the studio!!! We received 4 new album deliveries for our clients and a few more canvas prints for the studio (insert one thousand heart eyes emojis here!!!) For photographers such as ourselves - there is nothing more exciting than seeing our work printed in tangible form, something that can be held, touched and feel.

I'll let you in on a small secret - did you know that if you print your images and if you are a keen observer - you will see more of the work involved in your images than you would when you are viewing your images on screen? If your photographer didn't do a good job on the retouching of images - you will quickly notice them on prints - so in general photographers who print takes more time perfecting images that are intended for printing ;) This means that you get more value for the art you paid for - your welcome! 

So back to the albums and prints we receive this week, we are always proud to deliver our finished products to our clients - this is when we truly have done our job and feel confident that our clients will enjoy their images in physical form. Seeing them on-sceen is one thing - touching and feeling them is another! So we thought of taking you behind the scenes on what's going on before our album reaches our clients homes :)

(After jumping up and down after seeing the box from delivery guys)... each one is pre-checked for print and material quality, only when we are satisfied will they go out of our studio. The colours must match how we have edited them. We have carefully selected our album vendors and we are confident of their print quality. We only use professional labs who works specifically with photographers only so they understand the quality we require for our clients.

They are then packed with our brand as a seal of approval and an album care card to give you information on how to handle your albums and prints with care.

We polish them with our thank you card as a genuine appreciation of our clients business :) And then off they are ready for delivery or collection!

These beauties are ready for deliveries! 

Thank you for sharing in with our excitement about these products! We hope to be able to get one of these to you soon!


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